About company

Since 2005, we have designed and constructed 11 turnkey Power Plants with a total capacity of more than 320 MW, and also took part in the supply of equipment and construction and installation works for 24 HPP and TPP in 12 countries of the world in Russia, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. 

Our own qualified personnel and the necessary approval documentation, including the Quality Management System, membership in the self-regulatory organization (SRO) for the design of construction and installation works, including the functions of the General Contractor, allows us to implement projects of any complexity in a quality manner, on time and in accordance with the planned budget, covering the full cycle of works: design, fabrication, supply, installation and setup of equipment, commissioning.  putting the facility into commercial operation. We guarantee uninterrupted operation of the constructed facility and equipment during the warranty period. After termination of the warranty period, we can realize the post-warranty maintenance. We take responsibility for the quality of our work and operative solving of any problem encountered by the Customer. 

We are not afraid to take responsibility and new challenges. If you require unusual or special equipment, we can provide the best option for its design, manufacture and order involving the best scientific and technical potential - both Russian and international. We have authorized representations and offices in the countries such as: India, Brazil, Ecuador and Chile. The largest Russian and international banks, such as Raiffeisen, UniCredit, VTB, Citibank and Gazprombank have established revolving credit lines for our operations. Bank guarantees insure the quality of the supplied equipment and services as well as management decisions. Thus, we provide risk coverage for the entire design, fabrication and service cycle of our product. We pay special attention to the nature protection - environmental legislation is observed by us exclusively exactly wherever we construct. Additionally, under international contracts, we insure environmental damage in first-tier companies.