About company

Our company is closely linked to the remarkable staff of the soviet state-owned Foreign Trade Organization named Energomachexport established in 1966, more than 50 years ago. For the first 30 years of the activity in tough competition with world power sector leading companies and even with other soviet organizations Energomashexport equipped hydro- and thermal- power plants which installed capacity exceeded 20 000 MW in such countries as Canada, Greece, Brazil, Egypt, Argentina, China, Norway, Iceland, India, etc. The vast majority of this equipment designed, supplied and erected by our managers and engineers, proved to be reliable, efficient, high profitable and still continues to operate.
In 1991 the state foreign trade organization Energomachexport was transformed to the Joint-stock company Energomachexport, having become one of the first private foreign trade enterprises of the Soviet Union. Despite a hard time of changes in political and economic spheres of life in that period Energomachexport team, having lost a support of state financing, continued to conquer the new markets. In 1991-2003 JSC Energomachexport won a number of tenders for supply of the power equipment both to the traditional countries of its presence, and to the new markets, such as Mexico (2 HPP and               1 water regulating dam), India (2 HPPs and 1 TPP), Iraq (2 HPPs), Argentina (2 HPPs), Colombia (1 HPP), China (3 HPPs), and some other countries. Thanks to orders of JSC Energomachexport many Russian heavy power equipment manufacturing plants managed to survive during the hard early 90th and maintain their equipment and engineering potential.
Energomashexport Corporation LLC was created on the December 14th, 2005, retaining its name in the memory of                  V/O Energomachexport, a great team of experts and engineers who created the high reputation of the Russian power equipment throughout the world.
During our work, we have managed to combine wide experience of many years in successfully managing of international projects with the engineering potential of our traditional partners. Now the new company, Energomashexport Corporation LLC, has proven deservedly its glorious name. Over the years since our foundation, our company has been able to receive a number of large orders and fulfill its obligations with high quality and on time.
 Energomashexport Corporation LLC is present in the main world sales markets and has an agent base and a network of branches and subsidiaries specializing in certain types of engineering services. Today we offer our clients a full range of services from design to commissioning of power station equipment, including necessary financing.